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Do you want to know some tips on how to maintain your floweru2019s freshness? You are on the right page. Seeing this floweru2019s beauty longer will make us smile even more. Its admirable petals and vibrant colours will surely capture our eyes. Read Lansdowne Floristu2019s flower care tips and you will know how to maintain your floweru2019s freshness longer.


Guide and Care Tips to Flowers:

Clean your Vase

Clean your vase regularly to avoid bacterial growth. Bacteria will slowly rot your flowers. Use quart warm water in cleaning your vase for it is the most needed water temperature to kill these bacteria. Also, donu2019t forget to clean your vase before and after putting flowers, bacteria may still be in your vase.

Change Water Regularly

Change the water on the vase daily. Changing water can avoid drying and wilting, these are primary causes of flower dehydration. Having new water can also keep your flowers away from bacteria.

Clean and Healthy Water

Adding a little amount of sugar in your vase water helps the flower blooms beautifully. This will also serve as the flower nourishment. You can also add a little amount of lemon or vinegar in your water. This will help your flower to have a long-lasting freshness by killing these bacteria and viruses.

Remove Lower Leaves

Leaves tend to fall. Be aware of those leaves. You can remove the brown or dead leaves as soon as you see them on your flowers. Please remove the leaves that fall to your vase as well. This will help for better water absorption and will refrain from a smelly odor.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

Take an inch or two in cutting off your stem at an angle with water. This will help in maintaining the freshness of your flowers where you can expose new tissue for better water absorption. Also, avoid cutting the stems with a dull object as this can damage the tissues.

Keep in Good Temperature

Avoid placing your flowers from sunlight or electric appliances. These may dehydrate your flowers. Place them in a not so cold yet not so warm place.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Keep away your flowers from toxic fumes and radiations. A polluted environment will lessen the freshness of your flowers like places with smoke and poison. Let your flowers have fresh and clean air so that you can enjoy its freshness longer.