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Factual Promise

Stunning and Elegant Designs

Lansdowne Florist, a Poole florist, promises to offer you only the best flowers and services. We will make sure to satisfy you with our outstanding and promising products. Poole florist personally chooses the flowers and mixes them up perfectly for you.

Very Accommodating

At Lansdowne Florist, we extend our hands to help you find the perfect flowers for your celebrations. Don’t feel troubled, just approach us, and Poole Florist will willingly guide you in account with our products. We promise that consultations and recommendations are free of charge.

Professional Guides

Lansdowne Florist makes customization according to your preferences. We design flowers for you and we make it happen the way you want it to. We will also suggest from our experiences and knowledge the best selections that will complement what you have in mind. We promise to be your guide for your floral designs and arrangements journey.

Full-scale Service

Lansdowne FLorist at Poole wants to help you choose your flower bouquets for gifting or set up your venue with our beautiful flowers. We promise to give you the full service that we can offer. We install the flowers, and if you wish us to remove those ourselves, we will do so.

Guaranteed On-time Delivery

In our years of service in the floral design and arrangement, our on-time delivery services are proven and tested by our valued customers. And we promise that our guaranteed delivery service is steadfast. Our Lansdowne Florist online shop is also available 24/7, so feel free to select and order anytime and anywhere you want.

Customer Care and Satisfaction

We love to assist and help all our customers with their concerns and troubles. We will do our best to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied because Lansdowne Florist cares and value you the most. If you have any questions regarding flowers you can reach us by simply calling 01202 553318 or email us through sales@lansdowneflorist.co.uk